Level 3 Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing Practice


This course is aimed at dental nurses working in dedicated orthodontic environments or those in general practice with access to orthodontic patients, to allow all nurses the opportunity to improve and enhance their clinical skills when assisting with orthodontic treatments.


Course title:                     Orthodontic Nursing Practice

This course is aimed at dental nurses who assist with patients undergoing orthodontic treatment and who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of this patient group.

Awarded by:                    Delta Awards

Structure:                         The course is delivered by way of eight modules.

Grading:                            Pass or fail

Pre-requisites:                Candidates must hold GDC registration and a recognised Dental Nurse qualification. Candidates must work in an environment which supports access to orthodontic patients. Full practice support is required.

Assessment:             This course is assessed by:

        • Workplace Portfolio of Evidence to record involvement in patient cases where different aspects of orthodontic treatment is being conducted. This forms 50% of the final grade
        • One case study which forms 20% of the overall grade
        • Final examination – a 60 minute written exam on all subjects covered forms 30% of the overall grade


Candidates must achieve a pass in all assessments to gain the certificate.


Resit Arrangements:      Candidates can receive a small course extension to amend or change any information in the case studies or essay submissions.

                                           Candidates get two attempts at the online examination


Practical Component:    Students will be required to undertake dental impressions and/or intra oral digital scanning, and orthodontic photography


Guided Learning Hours: This programme is 300 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

Course length:                 9 – 12 months

Credits:                             This course attracts 30 credits


 Course content:

Module 1 Content                                                  Module 1 Assessment

Anatomy                                                                  In module assignment

Final examination


Module 2 Content                                                  Module 2 Assessment

Rationale for Orthodontic Treatment                In module assignments

Final examination


Module 3 Content                                                   Module 3 Assessment

Orthodontic Assessment and                               In module assignments

Treatment Planning                                               Final examination

Workplace portfolio

Case study


Module 4 Content                                                    Module 4 Assessment

Appliances – fixed and removeable                      In module assignments

Workplace portfolio

Final examination


Module 5 Content                                                    Module 5 Assessment

Functional Appliances and Multi-                       In module assignment

Disciplinary care                                                      Final examination


Module 6 Content                                                    Module 6 Assessment

Dental Impressions or intra oral                          Workplace portfolio



Module 7 Content                                                     Module Assessment

Intra and extra oral photography                         Workplace portfolio


Module 8

Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

  • Fixed Appliances (all stages)
  • Removeable Appliances (if applicable)
  • Retainers
  • IOTN
  • Aligners



Case Study – The candidate is required to complete a case study which involve their role in the maintenance of oral health during the provision of orthodontic treatment to one patient. Details of the treatment undertaken to include:

  • The role of the dental nurse during the treatment
  • A critical evaluation of the patient’s oral health status and reasons for intervention including identification of strengths, areas of good practice and areas of improvement
  • The impact of oral hygiene on orthodontic treatment
  • The aims of the treatment and evaluation of the outcome
  • Where possible, supporting literature should be included to justify treatment management decisions


Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

The candidate is required to demonstrate their involvement with patient cases where different aspects of orthodontic treatment are being provided. This should require a minimum of 12 fixed appliance patients, 6 removable appliances which can include aligners, and/or retention.

Written Exam – candidates will be required to sit a final written exam of 60 minutes duration. The examination is provided online and is available four times a year. Candidates will be required to undertake this under strict examination conditions.