We have now ceased provision of all of the NEBDN courses – Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing, Certificate in Dental Radiography, Certificate in Special Care Dental Nursing and the  Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing and as alternatives invite you to look at the following programmes:

Level 3 Certificate in Dental Radiography
Level 3 Certificate in Implant Dental Nursing
Level 4 Certificate in Dental Nursing for Patients with Special Needs
Level 3 Certificate in Initial Orthodontic Assessment and Clinical Records
Level 3 Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing Practice

Our move to Delta Awards courses has been driven by the desire to provide training and career progression for ANY dental nurse in ANY environment. The courses we have chosen to deliver are current and modern and meet the needs of today’s dental nurses. They have a flexible delivery model which can accommodate those with busy lives, or those with limited surgery time or patients.

What may have been adequate in the past may not be the best thing for the future.

Visit us at The Bay Dental Training Services and make up your own mind.