Thank you for choosing a course with us. By signing up to your programme you agree to the following terms and conditions set down by Delta Dental Training (known hereafter as DELTA). Please read this carefully.

In addition, you will be required to agree to a Service Level Agreement and a Learner Agreement which will be sent to you on completion of your course application.

Course places are not confirmed until the full course fee has been received. Applicants do not become students until this time.

1.1 Course Duration

All courses start at the time of payment and run for the designated time period detailed in the course information. At the commencement of a programme which has a final external examination, the course tutor will provide either an exam date or a deadline for completion. At the commencement of an Award programme, it is the student’s responsibility to note the end date. All deadlines are displayed in the assignment details on the OneFile educational platform. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have finished with the online content by this date as the course will shut down and no longer be accessible. Students will be given a guideline for completion of the required modules and informed of the date any associated Workplace Portfolio documentation is due in.

If there are extenuating circumstances as to why you are unable to complete the programme, please communicate this to your tutor as soon as possible.

1.2 Examination Information

1.2a Delta Awards courses – Certificates

Courses provided and awarded by Delta Awards will have examinations. The exam maybe online at the end of the course via OneFile, or externally provided some time after the course concludes. If external, the exam date is nominated on completion of the theory aspect of the course by the student and every effort should be made to complete the necessary requirements to be able to undertake the exam on the chosen date.

The maximum completion time for any Level 3 or 4 programme is 18 months.

The examination fee is required on application and is included in the total course fee.

In the event the students do not make the final deadline for exam entry, their options are:

  • To withdraw from the programme and surrender all fees paid
  • To extend the programme to the next exam (fee may be applied if this exceeds the 18 month allowance for completion)


In the event a student is unsuccessful in the examination, resits can be arranged for 3 months later. (fee may be applied). One resit opportunity is offered.

Students are not automatically entered for the resit examination and must make DELTA aware of their intention to continue. Students will be given the option of having access to course material and/or a tutor (fee is applied).

1.2b Delta Awards Courses – Awards

Courses leading to an Award are shorter in duration and have a flexible examination. Students can take the exam whenever they want to on completion of the programme providing all other aspects of the course have been concluded.

1.2c NEBDN Courses

For courses which carry NEBDN examinations, students allocate and book their desired exam date on application. If the student does not meet the required deadline dates for completion of modules or Record of Competence, then they cannot be entered for that exam. Record of Competence workplace documents should be completed at least two months before the chosen exam to be eligible for entry. If the Record of Competence does not meet the standard required, it will not be accepted and the student will not be entered into the exam. The exam date chosen on application is final. If a student fails to complete the requirements in time they can choose from the following options:

  • Students can leave the programme and surrender all course fees and exam fees
  • Students can re-apply for the next available exam date but will have to re-enrol on the course thus paying the course fees again, the exam fee can be transferred.

If a student meets all deadlines and requirements and enters for the examination but is unable to attend due to mitigating circumstances, such as bereavement or illness, DELTA will work with the NEBDN to resolve the situation. The online programme will remain open and where possible the exam fee will be transferred.

If a student fails to complete the full course content and undertake the revision activities, and is then unsuccessful at the final examination, DELTA reserves the right not to accept that student back for the resit should they wish to do it. In this event, DELTA will meet all obligations to transfer the student to another training provider.


In the event a student is unsuccessful in the examination, resits can be arranged for the next available examination. (fee is applied)

Students are not automatically entered for the resit examination and must make DELTA aware of their intention to continue. Students will be given the option of having access to course material and/or a tutor (fee is applied)

1.3 Course Extensions

For Award courses, the course can be extended by up to four weeks if the tutor deems it necessary for successful completion. If the course is not completed in this time it will be closed down, course fees surrendered and CPD will not be awarded.

We are unable to extend NEBDN qualification courses past the booked exam date without a re-enrolment fee being payable, or DELTA courses beyond 18 months without a fee being payable.

1.4 Communication

The primary method of communication during the online courses is by email – either directly or through our OneFile educational platform which can be set up to send email notifications of new messages. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a current email address and it is checked regularly. DELTA accepts no responsibility for information not received due to out of date email addresses or emails not being checked by the student. We would also remind students to check their junk folders regularly. Emails going to junk will not be accepted as an excuse. Course assignments are marked through OneFile and it is the student’s responsibility to check their progression regularly. DELTA reserves the right to close a course down if we do not have replies to emails within a month of sending, or submissions via OneFile for more than 28 days. In this event the student is liable and all fees are non-refundable. If the student then wishes to continue with the programme, they will have to re-enrol as a new student.

DELTA will not communicate with anyone other than the student with regard to the training being provided.

1.5 Fees

Course fees and examination fees (where applicable) are payable in full before access to a course is granted. Once course access has been given, following the statutory period (see section 1.7), all the fees are non-refundable. If a student decides not to complete the programme for whatever reason, all fees will be waived by them. Students cannot transfer to another course nor replace themselves with another student.

Delta Awards exam fees are taken on application and the exam place is reserved for the student. In the event the student cannot sit the exam they have been allocated, they can transfer to the next available examination without penalty providing the proposed exam date is within the course duration, and exam logins have not been issued. Any cancellations of the exam place within 21 days or after exam logins have been issued whichever comes first, will be subject to an administration fee for transfer to the next exam and the exam fee will be payable if this date falls outside of the course duration.

NEBDN exam fees are taken by the NEBDN on application and an exam place booked. If the student meets all deadlines and enters for the exam, then becomes unable to sit at the arranged date and time, a charge of £50 will be enforced to defer to the next available date. Exam fees are non-refundable. DELTA acts solely as a middleman in respect of these exam fees and our decision is final.

In situations where students have been funded by their employer, our agreement is solely with the student and course progression, examination entry and portfolio requirements will not be discussed with any other party. Financial arrangements between students and employers are not a consideration in the provision of training.

1.6 Pregnancy

In all cases, pregnancy is not a contraindication to completing the practical aspects of any of the courses we provide. Correct precautions and advice should be adhered to with regard to the safe working procedures involved with the subject being studied.

In the event that a student wishes not to continue with a programme of study due to pregnancy, this will be a decision made by them and section 1.5 of these Terms and Conditions will apply.

If a student does wish to continue, however restricted duties or maternity leave will result in the final course deadline or examination being missed, course extensions can be discussed to accommodate this. A fee may be applicable.

1.7 Course Cancellation

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations you have a statutory right to cancel a course application, and receive a refund of the course fee, within 14 days of making payment providing:

  • No course submissions have been completed
  • The associated Record of Competence and/or exam fees have not been paid to the Awarding Body

If either of the above has been done, then the refund available will be reduced by the costs incurred by Delta Dental Training.
If you wish to cancel a place, you must inform DELTA in writing within the 14 days following payment, with the date of payment being the first day. Unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds outside of the 14 day period.

Refunds will be applied to the account which made the original payment.

1.8 Assignments and Submissions

All online courses have assignments and submission which must be completed by the student. In all cases the assignments must be submitted to the tutor via OneFile. Some tutors may assist by setting target deadlines and will send reminders periodically, however it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the assignments are completed and submitted. When the time comes to apply for the exam, the tutor reserves the right to withhold a student if they feel they have not completed enough of the online programme.

Your tutor will endeavour to return feedback on your assignments within a maximum of 14 days. In the event your tutor is off sick or on holiday you will be informed and where appropriate, a replacement tutor advised.

1.9 Complaints

If you feel the course is unsatisfactory, in the first instance, raise the concern with your course tutor. Please be advised DELTA will not discuss course progress with anyone other than the student. If the resolution is not acceptable then complaints can be made in writing via email to We will endeavour to rectify the situation where possible within 14 days.

DELTA reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time.