Level 3 Certificate in Dental Imaging


Course fee £660.00
What this includes:
Full tutor support throughout
Course and exam fees
This does not include:
Extension or resit fees

Course title: Certificate in Dental Imaging
This course is aimed at dental nurses who wish to undertake the practical aspects of dental imaging including Cone Beam CT,  and become operators, enabling them to take dental radiographs and scans on referral from a suitable healthcare professional.
Awarded by: DELTA Awards
Structure: The course is delivered by way of six modules. All modules are mandatory and must be passed.
Grading: Pass or fail
Pre-requisites: Candidates must hold GDC registration and a recognised Dental Nurse qualification.

Access to Cone Beam CT is essential.

Assessment: This course is assessed by:

  • Workplace Portfolio of Experience which is assessed as a whole and contributes toward 60% of the final grade
  • Final examination – a 60 minute written exam on all subjects covered forms 40% of the overall grade

Candidates must achieve a pass in all modules to gain the certificate.

Resit Arrangements: Candidates can receive a small course extension to amend or change any information in the Workplace Portfolio of Evidence. A fee may be applicable.

Candidates get two attempts at the final examination included, further attempts will be charged.

Practical Component: Taking dental radiographs – Cone Beam CT is included in the programme and access to a Cone Beam CT unit is mandatory to complete the programme. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure access to all radiographic views.
Guided Learning Hours: This programme is 300 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
Course length: 9 – 12 months
Credits: This course attracts 30 credits

Course Content

Module 1 Content Module 1 Assessment
Legislation End of module assignments
Module 2 Content Module 2 Assessment
Quality Assurance
Faults and errors
Quality assurance activity as part of the WPoE.
Module 3 Content Module 3 Assessment
Equipment used in Image Production
Film Based systems
Digital systems
End of module assignments
Module 4 Content Module 4 Assessment
Interaction with Matter
Radiation Physics
Biological Effects of Radiation
End of module assignments
Module 5 Content Module 5 Assessment
Intra oral techniques

  • Periapical views
  • Bitewing views

Extra oral techniques

  • Panoramic radiographs

Additional techniques

  • Occlusal views
  • Bisected angles
  • Cephalometric
End of module assignments
WPoE logs
Module 6 Content Module 6 Assessment
Cone beam CT

  • Image acquisition
  • Radiation Protection
  • Principles of Cone Beam CT imaging
End of module questions


Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

The Workplace Portfolio of Evidence is completed alongside the online course work. This will demonstrate the learner’s practical ability with regard to the taking of radiographs and the safety of all concerned.

The WPoE consists of:

  • 15 Periapical radiographs
  • 10 pairs of bitewing radiographs
  • 10 panoramic radiographs

A further 5 Cone Beam CT images.

Simulations or real views of:

  • Occlusal views
  • Bisected angle views
  • Cephalometric views

Risk Assessment

Learners will undertake a risk assessment of their radiographic facilities and create a report of their findings

Quality Assurance / Image Audit

Learners will undertake an audit of a minimum of 35 dental images, highlighting faults and creating an audit report on their findings.

The Workplace Portfolio of Evidence contributes toward 60% of the final grade.

Written Exam

Candidates will be required to sit a final written exam of 60 minutes duration. The examination is provided electronically and candidates are able to undertake this in their own environment under strict, remote invigilation. This contributes to 40% of the final grade.