The Dental Education, Learning and Training Academy


Become an Approved Centre

The Dental Education, Learning and Training Academy (DELTA) can approve organisations such as independent training providers, hospital trusts or dental practices to deliver our courses.

The benefits of becoming an Approved Centre include:

• Access to bespoke courses
• Level 3 and 4 courses in dental specific subjects
• Access to tutor and learner resources
• Access to independent assessment and quality processes
• Access to quality assurance support and guidance
• Access to independent end point assessments
• External quality assessments to ensure Centres are delivering a high standard of training


End Point Assessment

The End Point Assessment (final examination or assessment) of a course must be delivered and managed by an organisation which has not been involved in the delivery of the training. Our sister company Delta Dental Training delivers all our courses while we at The Dental Education, Learning and Training Academy independently provide the end point assessment for all courses.
Becoming an Approved Centre will give access to our established remotely invigilated examinations and external quality audit processes.
Our team of industry experts and independent end point assessors understand the need for robust, fair and accessible assessment and comply with all relevant regulations. Our team have significant dental experience and deliver a learner-focused approach which provides both learners and employers with a first class service.

To help Centres deliver their courses, DELTA will provide:

• All final written exams via an online platform with remote invigilation
• External quality assurance of workplace portfolios of evidence via our online portfolio platform


The Examination Board

DELTA’s Examination Board comprises a Chairperson and four Independent Members.
The Examination Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring all certificates and awards operate to the highest standard and are compliant with regulator requirements. All Board members are dental professionals educated to degree level with considerable dental experience and expertise in both the dental sector and education and learning.


Quality and Standards

As an Awarding Organisation, it is vital that we maintain the highest standards of operation in order to provide learners, centres, regulators and employers with the confidence they need in the courses we offer.
Our quality auditors oversee the running of all our certificates and awards to ensure standardisation of assessment and to uphold all quality assurance requirements across all courses. All auditors are dental professionals with a high level of vocational experience and knowledge of the dental and educational sectors.


The Approval Process

The application process is simple and Centres can receive approval in just 4 weeks.

Step 1 – Enquiry

Please email with your enquiry to include the following information:
• Name
• Training Centre Name and Address
• Email and Telephone contact details
• Website
• Proposed number of students
• Which course(s) potentially offered
• Which aspect of our Process required (just independent examination, external quality assurance or both)
• Administration fee (payable via our website)

Step 2 – DELTA will respond within 5 working days and will send Centre Application Documentation

Step 3 – Submit the Centre Application Documentation. All sections must be completed in full.

Step 4 – The Application is reviewed, and the Centre will be appointed a Training Provider Representative who will arrange a Centre visit

Step 5 – DELTA will provide a report of the outcome of the application.

Step 6 – If successful, the Centre will receive approval for the courses listed on the initial application form. If further courses are required at a later date, an administration fee will be applied.


For initial consideration to become an Approved Centre, a non-refundable administration fee of £75 is required with the application.
Once Approval has been given, Centres can then apply to register learners on our established courses at the fees given below:

Level 2 Award courses – £40 per learner
Level 3 Certificate Courses – £150 per learner
Level 4 Certificate Courses – £200 per learner

These fees include:

Level 2 Awards:
• Initial registration and access to the online portfolios
• Access to independent end-point assessment (two attempts)
• Access to internal quality assurance if required

Level 3 and 4 Certificates
• Initial registration and access to the online portfolios
• External quality assurance of the online portfolios
• Registration and entry to one written examination attempt (resits will have an additional fee of £65)

Addition of courses at a later date:
• One off administration fee of £75 per course


Bespoke and Independent Courses

If you have your own training programme which would benefit from external quality assurance or independent end-point assessment, please contact us. We can work with you to develop a bespoke training programme which meets your needs. We will ensure the content is accurate and fit for purpose and mapped against relevant standards, legislation or vocational guidance.

We are happy to hear from you. Contact us on 07501 661405 or email if you wish to discuss your course provision options.